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AS/A2 Biology - Presentations (Core Theory)

Details of New Presentations - Availability
New presentations (both AS/Year 1 and Year 2 A Level) are now available for AQA, Edexcel (B), OCR (A) and WJEC. Currently, there are 112 presentations in total for AQA, 111 for Edexcel (B), 118 for OCR (A) and 109 for WJEC plus the option presentations (three option sets). We are now publishing them as editable PowerPoint (*.pptx) files (suitable for both Windows and Mac OS) and also as HTML5 presentations (available on DVD or via a web server).

Upgrades for Current Users
The new presentations represent a major upgrade to the previous versions and new content and presentations have been added. Current users can secure a discount of up to 50% when upgrading - Current users please email us if you wish to be quoted a personalised discount - please provide full details of school name, address, including post code. Discounts can be still applied if you are changing specifications, e.g. moving from Edexcel to OCR.

Other Exam Boards - 2015
If you teach CCEA or Scottish Highers - please remember that you can still select any combination of presentations (individual or sets) - we will burn a DVD with your personal selection of presentations for no extra charge. We will also burn a DVD with any collection of presentations (selected from different sets) - just email your list to us and we will give you a bespoke quote.

Please email us ( if we can be of any further assistance to you.