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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions Version 5.0 - Primary School

107 job descriptions (provided in two sets) covering most job descriptions likely to be encountered in today's primary school.

· Enhance your recruitment process;

· Support professional development;

· Easily personalise in Microsoft Word;

· Review & update current job descriptions.

Together, Set 1 & Set 2 of this comprehensive product cover most of the responsibilities currently required within today's Primary school. Version 5.0 includes 107 job descriptions including diverse roles such as Cover Supervisor, Cover/Timetable Co-ordinator, HLTA, Attendance Clerk, Peripatetic Teacher and Clerk to Governors. Deriving the content for a job description is a lengthy process involving much discussion - this product can save you much of that time! By using our structure and exemplar material you can easily write your own distinct job descriptions - simply 'cut, paste & personalise' whole descriptions or sections to match your own specific needs. The descriptions are succinct and follow a common whole school management structure, allowing you to support continuing professional development, and to help in the time consuming annual review and evaluation processes