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PE - Health & Safety

This outstanding collection of Risk Assessments (Pack A) and related Safety Policies (Pack B) provides you with all you need to manage Health & Safety for PE in your school.



Risk Assessment & Safety Management - Pack A (PEACD)

Risk Assessment & Safety Management - Pack A (PEACD)

Pack 'A' provides 30 critical Risk Assessment Records covering a wide variety of activities and sites plus the original Risk Assessment template - all easy to edit in MS Word. Making and recording risk assessments and policy documentation is a demanding process - we can save you that time!
The Risk Assessments cover the following activities: Invasion Games (Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Basketball), Striking Activities (Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Baseball), Gymnastics (Including Trampolining and Trampettes), Athletics (Fields, Pits, Playground, Indoors), Swimming (school and local pool), etc. The following sites are also considered…
· Gymnasia
· Swimming Pools
· Changing Rooms
· Sports Hall/School Hall
· Weight Training Room
· Tennis Courts and Playgrounds
· School Playing Fields
· Cross-country (off site)
· School visits/matches
· Net, Wall and Racket Games

Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Risk Assessment & Safety Management - Pack B (PEBCD)

Risk Assessment & Safety Management - Pack B (PEBCD)

6 outstanding Health & Safety policies (34 pages) - available on CD ROM as MS Word masters.
· Detailed Health & Safety Policy (22 Pages)
· Manual Handling Policy (3 Pages)
· Asthma Policy (2 Pages)
· First Aid/Sick Children Policy (2 Pages)
· HIV Protocol ( 2 Pages)
· Electrical Safety Policy (Portable & Fixed) (3 Pages)

Developing safety policies is now so easy!

Use our ideas in your own development plans.
Improve upon your own existing safety policies.
Cut and paste policies to match your requirements.
Encourage pupils and staff to be aware of safety issues.

Price: 36.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Risk Assessment & Health & Safety Policies For P.E. - Super Bundle (PEAB)

Risk Assessment & Health & Safety Policies For P.E. - Super Bundle (PEAB)

This super bundle includes both Pack A & Pack B on CD ROM and saves you £5.00!

Price: 90.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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