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Writing Programme

· Toolbox & Tasks directly target writing skills
· Feedback on targets encourages the learner
· Promotes self-assessment to support learning
· Versatile - adaptable to your scheme of work
· Answer booklet included for practice tasks
· Suitable for all learning support staff - teachers & teaching assistants
· Partners our grammar, spelling & punctuation programmes
The 'Writing Programme' will increase confidence and facilitate rapid progress in students' writing skills. This flexible programme can be used for one-to-one tuition, working with groups, whole class teaching or peer mentoring. The 'Tools' students need to improve their writing are explored in the Instruction Manual (36 pages) and are then put to work in the 'Task Book' (35 pages) where, after completing a series of practice activities, students are set a variety of writing tasks in the engaging context of Pete's Pet Shop. Tasks include applying for a job, leaflet design, writing a newsletter, proofreading articles, writing an article for the local newspaper and a speech for Pete to deliver at the local secondary school. Students monitor their own level of success on each 'Task' by reference to the seven self-assessment tables. The resources can be projected onto an IWB for class/group work and/or act as editable duplication masters. You can use MS Word to easily customise any part of the product. In addition, the Instruction Manual can be used across the curriculum and with your own schemes of work.

A certificate template is provided which can be awarded to those who complete the course. Over 100 pages in total - also includes 13 quality handouts.