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AS/A2 Biology - Presentations (Exam Technique)

Presentations - Exam Technique (Advanced Biology)
· Utilizes the proven benefits of the staged display of information.
· Interactively enhances any 16+ exam course in Advanced Biology.
· Suitable for a single computer, network or digital projector.
· 32 presentations (2 sets) all fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint!
· Improve exam technique.
· Perfect for revision.
· Evaluation CD Available.
The 32 outstanding MS PowerPoint presentations have been developed to support the new specifications (Started Sept. 2015). Conveniently provided in two sets (AS & A Level Year 2) the presentations can make a significant impact on student achievement in coursework and examinations.The presentations gradually introduce students to the specific requirements of different question styles, the common sources of error and successful examination technique - all within the context of real examination questions. This innovative way of learning exam technique is both engaging and visually interesting - the presentations are enhanced by animated graphs and superb diagrams. This resource is designed to integrate into any existing scheme of work and to provide a powerful tool for revision, testing and analysing question styles. The presentations can enhance teacher led lessons as well as independent and supported self study. MS PowerPoint 2000 (or later) is needed to edit or display the presentations. CD ROMs are compatible with all Windows operating systems. An optional low cost site licence is available which enables the presentations to be used on multiple standalone PCs or on a network.