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Biology (16-18)

Biology 16-18
Testimonial 1

It has been so useful to find resources of such great quality, which have followed the specification so closely and included such superb animations. The power points have enhanced the quality of my lessons and allowed pupils to understand those concepts in Biology which are difficult for them to grasp. The resources can easily be tailored to suit a variety of different abilities and have provided key ideas and visual stimulation in the classroom that I would never had had the time to produce myself.
SSER have always provided an excellent service, they have a very good understanding of what the classroom teacher needs and have always met my last minute demands most efficiently. I would definitely recommend this service and their products to any teacher wanting to visually engage the pupils and help pupils develop a deep understanding of Science.

Heather Shaw
Biology Teacher
Testimonial 2
I feel very pleased to inform you that my son used your A-level presentations for his final A-level exams in June 2012 and he got through with very good UMS score for Biology (A grade) and chemistry (A*grade). It was very important to achieve these grades for his conditional offer for medicine. As a parent, I must acknowledge and appreciate the effort put up by your team to design the presentations which helped my son to achieve his aim of life. I wish you all the success in future and hope more pupils in A-levels achieve good grades while referring to your presentations.

Also my daughter is doing iGSCE Cambridge separate sciences, may I request you to send her the requisite materials which could help her to get good grades in GCCSE.

Once again thanks for your sincere help and cooperation.

Mr S Mohan (Parent)
West Midlands