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Business Studies - Presentations

Business Studies Presentations - Sample Presentation (Online)
The following sample allows you to review a flash (swf) version of one PowerPoint presentation from this product. Please note - interactive elements cannot be enabled in this online demo version. You can click on thumbnails (or the timeline) to scroll through the presentation and use the view control (bottom right corner) to flip between views. The sample is set to progress through the presentation automatically - use the pause control to allow you to study the flash activities - otherwise the presentation will move to the next slide in just a couple of seconds.

· Utilize the proven benefits of staging the display of information.
· Interactively enhance Business Studies courses at NQF Level 2.
· Core presentations all editable in MS PowerPoint 2000 or later.
· Engaging, interactive quizzes to significantly reinforce learning.

These superb collections of presentations (five sets) enable you to use interactive whiteboards, standalone or networked PCs to enhance teaching and learning in a variety of ways. The user can control the staged display of information, and the careful use of text, graphics, animations and interactivity enhances the learning process and actively involves the students.