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CCEA - Biology (Specification 1010)


"The best resources of their kind I have encountered in 27 years of teaching" - recent quote from a private tutorial agency.

By the way the AS disc is excellent - use it nearly every lesson!

The disc you put together for me on 'Environment' is excellent.

Just finished using Respiration 1 - the students and I thought it was brilliant, especially the electron transport chain, which is always difficult to get across!

I received the CD today, and have spent an hour or so looking through it, and have to say I am delighted with its contents. Thank you for your help and prompt service. I will be purchasing other discs this Summer as I start the course in September.

I am most grateful - you have saved me hours of preparation.

David Ennals
David Ennals (Deputy Head and Head of Biology at The Park School, Yeovil, Somerset.)