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Core Programme & Standard Diagnostic (Pack A)

Numeracy Programme - Core Programme & Standard Diagnostic (Pack A)

An innovative product linked to the National Strategy Levels which:

· Has been proven to develop numeracy skills;
· Targets eighteen staged learning goals;
· Easily identifies strengths & weaknesses;
· Easily identifies national strategy levels;
· Directly targets weaknesses;
· Provides support sheets for homework or classwork;
· Has been developed in UK and international schools over a ten year period!

Numeracy Programme Pack A - Online Sample
The following sample allows you to review a low resolution online version of this product (HTML5 compliant). Please note - the commercial product is sold as original MS Word files (fully editable) and as pdf print masters (greyscale and colour versions). This online version of the product is for evaluation purposes only. Please use the menu tools to zoom and turn the pages as necessary. N.B. In this online version the text cannot be selected or copied and the print option has also been disabled.

N.B. in order to minimise the file size and download time this sample does not include the full colour versions or the worksheets - it is still 147 pages. Scroll down this page to see further details and to order online.

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In stock

All of the resource is provided as editable Word 2000 files. An interactive contents list is also provided with the integral pdf file.

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Advert Download
To download an advert showing samples of the product just click the 'Download Advert' button. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the advert.

N.B. To download Acrobat Reader select 'Support' from the Homepage Menu.