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Dance Faculty
The Dance 11-14 'Study Pack' & 'Music Pack' allow specialists and non-specialists to deliver and assess successful, enjoyable and differentiated dance lessons. Pupils are encouraged throughout, to appreciate dance as an expressive art form and to experience dance in a wide variety of contexts. Each of the six 'Units of Work' provides opportunities for pupils to perform set dances, explore movements, compose their own dances, evaluate their own work and that of their peers, and consider dances in their historical/cultural contexts.

Featuring Six Extensive Study Units:
1. Penguin Cafe (Pupils aged 11-12)
2. Refugees (Pupils aged 11-12)
3. School Conflict (Pupils aged 12-13)
4 Over reaction (Pupils aged 12-13)
5. Rituals (Pupils aged 13-14)
6. Mood Swings (Pupils aged 13-14)

Each unit consists of:

1. Rationale
2. Aims & objectives
3. Unit overview
4. Alternative routes
5. Warm up activities
6. Stage detail
7. Peer observation
8. Self evaluation
9. Non-practical tasks
10. Differentiation
11. Extension & support tasks
12. Resources & cross-curricular links

Dance 11-14 Study Pack DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Dance 11-14 Study Pack DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

In stock

The study pack is copyright free to the
purchasing department! The Dance Study pack consists of 6 Study Units (over 100 pages).

Total Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Dance 11-14 Music Pack (Audio CD)

Dance 11-14 Music Pack (Audio CD)

In stock

The 'Music Pack' (Audio CD) is proven to obtain a positive and enthusiastic response from pupils aged 11-14 & is suitable for warm up exercises and performances!

Price: 24.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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