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Drama - Department Management Policies

Drama Policies/Handbook
38 Drama Management Policies
(Version 8.0)


S.S.E.R. is the U.K.’s leading supplier of policies to schools and colleges - over 99% of all secondary schools and colleges (State and Independent) use our policy resource packs! Deriving the structure for a policy can take as long as the discussion and writing process - we save you that time! S.S.E.R. policies are written by experienced Heads of Department and provide a professional and efficient way for you to write your own distinct policies and department handbook. Version 8.0 now contains new policies on 'Citizenship', 'Pupil Attendance' & 'Job Descriptions'. This policy set incorporates current educational priorities and initiatives, e.g. 'Gifted & Talented' and 'Anti-racism'.

Drama Policies (DRPC6)

Drama Policies (DRPC6)

In stock

All policies are provided as editable Word 2000 files. An interactive contents list is also provided with the integral pdf file.

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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