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Punctuation Programme

Punctuation Programme
· Directly targets key punctuation

· Feedback on targets encourages the learner

· Promotes assessment to support learning

· Perfect partner for our spelling programme

· 20 Interactive quizzes/exercises (Pack B) are now available
The 'Punctuation Programme' facilitates an increase in confidence and rapid progress in acquiring better punctuation and general language skills. The Programme is ideal for one-to-one tuition; however it can be used successfully with groups, peer mentoring or for whole class teaching. Pack A (50 pages) is the core product and consists of eleven targets which regularly prompts the learner to revisit and review prior work. A points system quantifies a student's level of success and a certificate is awarded to those who complete the course. Pack A is also particularly suitable for projection onto an IWB for class/group work and acts as an editable duplication master. You can use MS Word to easily customise Pack A and to produce new personalised worksheets.

The optional Pack B consists of 20 interactive exercises/quizzes which cover and support the first ten targets in the core product - SCORM compliant versions are available.