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Spelling Programme

Spelling Programme

. Specifically designed for secondary age pupils
. Support material directly targets weaknesses
. Developed over 10 years in UK & International schools
. Partners our punctuation & grammar programmes
. New Pack B! - Over 90 interactive activities (36 'SCORM' compliant)
. Follows the National Literacy Strategy's guidelines for spelling

The 'Spelling Programme' enables pupils to gain in confidence and make rapid progress in acquiring further spelling and literacy skills. The Programme is ideal for one-to-one tuition, group work, peer mentoring or whole class teaching. Pack A (100 pages) is the core product and consists of three levels - each one can correspond to a term's work and has separate answer booklets. The integral 'Pupil Progress Record' can be used as an I.E.P. as targets, actions and outcomes are all identified and recorded. The standard colour version is particularly suitable for projection onto a whiteboard or IWB for class/group discussion and instruction. A b/w version is also included for low cost school duplication. Apply the power of MS Word to customise the resource, and to produce new support sheets by simply changing the selected words or their context.

The optional Pack B (new for September 2012) consists of over 90 interactive activities/quizzes which support the core programme.