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Numeracy Programme

Numeracy Programme Information:
The SSER 'Numeracy Programme' is a staged learning programme and diagnostic assessment designed for pupils who need particular support and can be used by both teaching and support staff. Students gain in confidence and make rapid progress in acquiring further numeracy skills. This new version offers SCORM compliant, interactive diagnostic assessment to enhance this popular and established programme. Problem solving is integrated throughout the programme units whenever appropriate. The 'Student Assessment Profile' can be used as an I.E.P. for numeracy - targets, actions and outcomes are all easily identified and recorded. The product includes two versions (colour and b/w). The colour version is particularly suitable for projection onto a whiteboard for group discussion and instruction. The b/w version is included for low cost duplication. You can use Microsoft Word (2000 or later) to customise the Numeracy Programme or to easily produce new support sheets by changing the context and figures used in those sheets.