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Careers - Literacy Products

Literacy In Careers Education
A multi-faceted, differentiated resource.
Available on CD ROM or as Printed Masters.
CD ROM features interactive crosswords.
Printed Masters include full site licence.
630 key terms identified.
Over 200 crosswords, wordsearches and associated word exercises.
'Literacy in Careers' engages students in the vocabulary related to Careers Education. The resources can be used in a variety of ways to support preparation for work experience, to initiate Careers Action Planning or to investigate, in detail, an area of employment. 'Literacy in Careers' is available in two discrete packs:-

Pack A deals with Key Issues, Skills and Terminology.
Pack B highlights the huge variety of jobs available in different employment sectors.

The resource packs are available as printed photocopy masters (each over 160 pages) or on CD ROM in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. The CD ROMs also provide extensive glossaries and engaging, interactive crosswords - you can view, complete, check and print crosswords from within your favourite Web Browser. The interactive crosswords are ideally suited for use on an interactive whiteboard or ordinary monitor and come complete with a free comprehensive site licence!