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French Crosswords

French Crosswords (14-16)

· CD ROM features 205 interactive crosswords;
· Free duplication & site licence included;
· Comprehensive coverage of core topics;
· Differentiated for Foundation & Higher.
'French Crosswords' engages pupils in an enjoyable way to translate and explore the meanings of thousands of words and phrases. Pupils become more familiar with the vocabulary related to common topics and gain in confidence and knowledge. The crosswords can all be used at any time and are equally suitable for homework or classwork. The resource pack is available on CD ROM in Microsoft Word format and produces over 200 photocopy masters . The CD ROM also provides 205 interactive crosswords which are ideally suited for an interactive whiteboard as part of a whole class activity. The interactive crosswords can also be used on a single computer or network to support individual study - you can view, complete, check and print crosswords from within your favourite Web Browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. Differentiation is achieved by the split into Foundation and Higher, and also by the provision of crossword support sheets which include the solution words in alphabetical order.

31 Topics Covered:

· Around the House
· At the Shops
· At Work
· Climate
· Current Affairs
· Daily Routine
· Eating & Drinking
· Education, Training & Careers
· Family Relationships
· Finance
· Foreign Language
· Geography
· Getting About
· Health & Fitness
· Instructions
· Leisure
· Life at Home
· Mealtimes
· Miscellaneous
· Our World
· Personal Details
· Places of Interest
· Places to Stay
· School & Beyond
· Social Activities & Entertainment
· Social Conventions
· Social Relationships
· Transport
· Using Services
· Vacations
· Welfare

French Crosswords (FCCD)

French Crosswords (FCCD)

In stock

Features 205 interactive crosswords.
Includes free site licence.

Price: 36.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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