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RE - Literacy Products

Literacy In R.E.
· Over 1,400 key terms identified across all seven sets;

· CD ROM or photocopy masters available;

· Includes free duplication and site licence;

· CD ROM features INTERACTIVE Crosswords;

· Differentiated for both 11-14 & 14-16 age ranges.
'Literacy in R.E.' engages pupils in an enjoyable study of vocabulary related to the major world religions & spiritual, moral & ethical issues. The series is conveniently available in seven different packs covering Christianity, Issues, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism & Buddhism - you only need order those packs that are relevant to your scheme of work. Over 1,400 key terms have been identified across the seven different packs. The crosswords, wordsearches, glossaries & word exercises can all be used at any time & are equally suitable for homework, classwork or exam revision. The complete resource pack consists of over 400 photocopy masters & is also conveniently available on a CD ROM which includes both Microsoft Word & Adobe Acrobat formats. The CD ROM allows you to easily print any photocopy masters for duplication & also provides up to 74 interactive crosswords - you can now view, complete, check & print crosswords from within your favourite Web Browser, e.g. Internet Explorer. The interactive crosswords are ideally suited for use on an interactive whiteboard for group work.